About Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India

SIFS INDIA is registered with Govt. of India, and an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute. We provide various Forensic Science services including. SIFS INDIA is an India based Private Forensic Institute with an expertise team of well-qualified and experienced specialists. Till the date, the team has dealt with many cases related to- Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting Analysis, Fingerprint Comparison, Signature Detection, Fraud Detection, Document Forgeries, Anonymous, cyber forensic ethical hacking, biological fluids analysis, Letter Reports, Fingerprinting for Immigration/ Visa purposes, Employee background checkup and verification, Various Security Cards Preparation etc. Besides, the team also provides training and internship to the students, professionals as well as the Bank employees and other such corporate recruits. 
The motive of the Institute behind providing the online or classroom courses is to-


  • Make people aware of the various possible modes of crime
  • The methods to handle them
  • To groom one’s career
  • The precautions to be taken at the scene of crime
  • Handling of physical evidences from the crime scene
  • Lifting up of various prints (fingerprint, palm-print, foot-print, shoe-print and so on) from the crime scene
  • Making people aware of various fingerprint patterns
  • Significance of various prints at a crime scene

Forensic EducationSIFS INDIA provides a platform in the field of education in forensics. Forensic training and education imparted here not only provides a benefit in the career but even makes one aware of the various modes of crimes and the precautions to avoid one. SIFS INDIA Department of Education and Training provides a quality mode of learning through class room courses and online learning portals. The Education mode is broadened to all the sections of Forensics.


We deal in education and training in Fingerprinting, Questioned Document, Handwriting analysis, Signature verification, Mobile Investigation, Forensic Biotechnology and DNA Fingerprinting, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Anthropology, Crime Scene Investigation, Ballistics and Firearm Identification, Fire and Arson Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Graphology and Crime Scene Photography. The studies deals in theoretical as well as covers all the practical facets with live cours cases. Our comprehensive prospectus is designed to provide practicing lawyers, students and employees from various streams and industries to select the classes that will facilitate them add an advantage to their vocation.


We have gained appreciation in the industrial sector by equipping its recruits to analyze and think strategically, to bring in significant changes and aid in the growth of the organization by participating in change management. Our practical approach and case study methodology encourages the student to understand and handle the complexity of very intricate situations and thus able them to implement decisions that would account into the concerned organization’s profitability.

Forensic InvestigationDepartment of Forensic Investigation- SIFS INDIA provides experts Opinions Under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act. The Investigation cell of the SIFS INDIA Forensic Institute deals with the real-world disputes and cases. This section of SIFS INDIA welcomes any kind of signature-related property disputes, cheque frauds or any other such equivalent issue of suspicion.


The expertise-team of our renowned Institute has given their valuable and expert opinion in many such cases and even the courts hire us as Expert witnesses. Therefore, all your questions, queries and cases are very much entertained and we would put our best efforts in helping you in any probable manner. We would look forward to every detail in order to satisfy you to the core.Forensic Training

The Training cell of our renowned Forensic Institute provides internships and trainings along with a skillful handling of the real-life cases. We put our best efforts in cultivating curiosity among the trainees and interns by letting them open up to the real scenario of a crime scene. We also welcome trainees and interns world-wide and make their stay not only knowledgeable but will also provide them a home away home atmosphere which would make their stay with us friendly and memorable.

We provide the trainees and interns well-equipped laboratories with all the necessary Institute settings, chemicals and the required apparatuses. We offer trainings in the various sections of forensics as Questioned Document, Fingerprinting Analysis, Crime Scene Management, Crime Scene Photography, Cyber Forensics, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Biology, Study of various prints (Shoe-print, Foot-print, Tire-marks), Handwriting and Signature Forgery Identification etc.

SIFS INDIA Forensic Institute team is also known for providing training sessions to the corporate and industrial sector recruits and bank employees. The major sections covered in this training category includes: Handwriting analysis, Forgery Identification on Cheques and Wills, Detection of Disputed or Suspected Documents, Techniques to recognize and deal with various kinds of Forgeries; a proper practical exposure with real-life case studies are also a part of these training sessions. Such training sessions ensure an apt and healthy processing of the concerned corporate sector..

Forensic InternshipGraduate and PG Students, Lawyers, IT professionals, who are interested in a criminal justice career can apply for an internship with SIFS India. An internship program is an unpaid, hands-on prospect, designed to provide education related assignments for students. Such as Project Development, Fingerprint Identification, Handwriting Analysis, Questioned Documents, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Biology, Crime scene Photography, crime investigation and many more.

Forensic Research and AnalysisDepartment of Research- SIFS INDIA gives oppurtunity to new student to complete their Projects under the Guidance of various Forensic Experts of India. These research opportunities give chances to student to publish their article in Our Magazine Forensic Fact.