FSP CC 101 Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation

    Course Outline

    The Forensic sciences are used everywhere the world to resolve disputes, to justly enforce criminal laws and government rules, and to guard public health. Forensic scientists could also be concerned anytime an objective, scientific analysis is required to search out the reality and to hunt justice in an exceedingly due process. Early on, forensic science became known with enforcement and therefore the prosecution of criminal cases; a picture enhanced by books and television shows. This is often deceptive as a result of rhetorical science is objective, unbiased and applies equally to either facet of any criminal, civil or alternative legal matter.


    Forensic science and criminal investigation course focusses to supply the scholars a capability to anticipate and perceive the basics on that the science of forensic depends. Forensic Science and therefore the Criminal Investigation course would modify the scholars to observe and analyze the nitty-gritties of a criminal offense scene, crime involved and therefore the mode concerned in committing the crime. As each crime scene and therefore the crime committed is exclusive in its manner, thus this course would offer the scholars a capability to grasp and analyze each crime scene and therefore the associated factors keeping in mind the principles on that the forensic science is predicated. Besides thorough theory classes; an exposure to correct, organized and interactive sensible sessions also will be a compulsory a part of the several course structure.


    Forensic science is that exclusive and superb discipline that depends on the appliance of scientific methodologies and techniques for the affairs and matters touching on law. Forensic Science and its techniques totally depends au courant the principle planned by a French person known as Edmond Locard, who is taken into account the pioneer of this science by proposing the very fact that, in each contact traces area shared reciprocally. Criminal Investigation, because the name suggests is that the investigation of each crime scene unambiguously and exactly, in order that no proof that might be connected to it specific crime slips off the eyes of an investigator. Crime Scene investigation plays awfully important part within the entire legal process, as this investigation provides the investigator a link that would bind the victim and therefore the culprit to the involved crime, on the premise of the proof encountered in and through the process the whole scene of crime.


    A written record and protocolled search of the scene of crime and a scientific approach well-equipped with technicality towards the evidence encountered, curtails the possibilities of poor validation of the associated case. Classroom courses are completely practical based. It would be helpful to understand the forensic science and criminal investigation and crime scene investigation procedures.