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SIFS INDIA is registered with Govt. of India, We provide various Forensic Science services including.

Forensic EducationDepartment of Education- SIFS INDIA provides various Forensic Science Courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. These courses provide you advantages for the development of your career in the fields of Private Forensic Investigation, Banks, Police Departments, Detective agency, IT industries, IB, CBI, Hospitals, MNCs and many more.Training for CorporateWe provides training to corporate Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery Detections, Fingerprints verification, Forensic Expert Opinion on Forged Documents. Crime Investigation and Prevention, Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, Forensic Awareness Programmes, Forensic Science Research and Development of Forensic Science and many more..Training in White Collar CrimeSIFS INDIA provides training for the Students, Advocates, IT Professional, Police, Govt. and Private Security Agencies in the several fields of the Forensic Science Investigation such as Fingerprint Identification and Developement, Handwriting Analysis, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Biology and many more.....

Training for InternshipIn the training of fraud detection we gives oppurtunity to new student to complete their Projects under the Guidance of various Forensic Experts of India. These internship opportunities give chances to student to publish their article in Our Magazine Forensic Fact.