Corporate Training

Training on “Fingerprint Analysis”

Training Objective: The motive behind conducting the training on Fingerprint Analysis is to offer an expertise to the trainees regarding the importance of the study of fingerprint pattern, its uniqueness in personal identification, the various fingerprinting patterns and so on.

Training on “Questioned Document Analysis”

The objective of conducting the training on Questioned Document Analysis is to make the trainees aware of the various kinds of frauds and issues as cheque-frauds, property issues, photo-copy frauds and so. This course even helps them decipher such issues, if they meet any.

Training on “Crime Scene Management Analysis”

This training is designed to make the trainees prepare for the crime scene management including sequential and careful collection and preservation of biological and physical evidences encountered at a crime scene. Besides, proper documentation including the sketching of the crime scene is also a part of this court curriculum. This course teaches the method or the process to be followed while photographing a crime scene. Which type of evidence should be photographed and in what manner is also a part of this training curriculum. Besides, the mode of operation of cameras and various other equipments used at the crime scene is also a part of this training program.

Training on “Handwriting and Signature Forgery Identification”

This training helps the students and the corporate recruits understand and make out the individuality in one’s handwriting. Various types of forgery and the methods to decipher them is also taught which proves to be fruitful especially to the bank recruits and other such corporate officers.

Training on “Cyber Forensics”

This training motivates to solve cases related to data-recovery and deals with various cyber and digital crimes.

Training on “Foot print, Shoe print and Tire marks”

This training deal with the study of various impressions commonly encountered at a crime scene, such as, foot prints, shoe prints and tire marks. The course curriculum also includes the process involved to cast and lift such impressions from the crime scene for their laboratory analysis.