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CFC 01 - Introduction to Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement

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The current world is more into digitalization and hereby it is widespread entirely. The purpose of creating digital faces for law enforcement is to obtain the key information required to produce effective facial composites. The law enforcement and police official faces real-time challenges in the case of various unidentified individuals and evidence lacking and however there is a major requirement of eyewitness description. This description is well utilized by the digital sketchers in creating the approximate face on the basis of detailing of different landmarks and specification of the face. The forensic artist is determined in dealing with these challenging cases which are supposed to be the major requirement in law enforcement. The use of different software for creating faces and step by step description by both photograph and video demonstration. The course is entirely designed in a manner to provide the guidelines and stepwise procedure of creating digital faces involving forensic applications.

  • Creating Digital Faces For Law Enforcement

    What makes a good forensic artist?

    Suggested materials to make the move from Pencils to Pixels.

    Why it’s important to know the human face?

    How to create an environment for a successful interview.

    Facial composite software versus traditional methods. Which is best?

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    This certificate course will be a combination of theory and practical work. 

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Josef Mengele “Angel of Death” Case 

After World War II, Dr. Josef Mengele member of Nazi party, nicknamed as “Angel of Death” because he had carried out many cruel acts and was also being the reason for 400,000 individual’s death inside the gate of concentration camp at Auschwitz and escaped to German. It was also assumed that he had gone to South America. After a long search of him, he could not got caught till 1985. Then a German couple Mr. and Mrs. Wolfram living in Brazil told investigators to examine the grave of Wolfgang Gerhard. The couple also claimed that the grave has the remains of Mengele 67-year-old man who accidentally died due to drowning six years ago. Then the remains were removed from grave and forensic anthropologists were called to investigate. From the narrow steep pelvis recovered it was estimated that the remains were of male. Also, form the skeleton femur and other leg bones the stature was calculated as 173.5cm which was matched with the Mengele’s military record. Teeth were also matched with the record. A German anthropologist Richard Helmer superimpose the photograph to the skull recovered. All these perfect matches led the investigator to believe that the remains belonged to Mengele. Then in 1992 from the DNA examination, it was confirmed that the remains present in the grave of Wolfgang Gerhard belong to the Mengele

Kanchana Kohombange


The entire session is full of interactive ideas and talks. I really appreciate the speaker’s knowledge and interaction skills which never distract me during the entire session.

Cecilia Erika Ramírez Alba


Thank you so much for such a wonderful course designed by SIFS INDIA. I am also thankful to Michael W. Streed of sharing his valuable knowledge with us.

Dr. Janita Jasuja


When one can think about the practical experience on some intellectual topic, I am sure this is what the best for knowledge gain. I am so thankful for the organising team for delivering these lectures on this pandemic time.

Sutirthaa Ghosh


Working with software is really the highlight in the lecture. I was not known before that digital sketching can be that much exciting and knowledgeable. Thank you for your effort and time.

Lacee A Walker


This lecture helps me in knowing new and very conceptual studies of police sketch in the identification of criminal. I am so thankful to SIFS INDIA for organizing this lecture for us. It is worth for time to attend this session.



Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director
Michael W. Streed

Michael W. Streed

An I.A.I Certified Forensic Artist

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