04Oct, 2020

Women in Forensics

Join us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of female forensic scientists worldwide.
27Sep, 2020

Role of Forensic Physician in UK

Discover the contributions to the justice system and medical forensics of forensic physicians in the United Kingdom.
26Sep, 2020

Forensic Taphonomy - Identification of Chemical Biomarkers for Forensic Medicine

Decipher the hidden stories of decay and decomposition and learn what happens to a human body after death.
20Sep, 2020

Introduction to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Discover the hidden stories written in blood and learn about the bloodstain pattern interpretation techniques.
13Sep, 2020

The Basics of Biological Profile in Forensic Anthropology

Discover the science of identifying individuals from skeletal remains and biological profiling techniques.
05Sep, 2020

Impact of Abuse on Mental Health & Child Development

Know about the effects of abuse on child development and mental health and child therapy for abuse victims.
30Aug, 2020

Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children

Discover insights on epiphyseal union standards in South African children and how experts unveil vital data for forensic analysis.
23Aug, 2020

The Impact of Forensic Human Taphonomy: From Body Farms to The Courtroom

Understand the influence of forensic human taphonomy and the secrets behind post-mortem changes in human remains.
15Aug, 2020

How to Detect Lies & Deception

Learn about the truth vs. lies detection science, forensic psychology of deception, and deception analysis methods.
18Jul, 2020

Murder of Patrick Fleming

Dissect the intricate details of the unsolved mystery of the Murder of Patrick Fleming Mastermind.

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