20Sep, 2021

FORENSICS: The Science Behind Deaths of Famous People

Join forensic experts to learn about the mysteries surrounding the deaths of iconic figures throughout history.
19Sep, 2021

Psychological Implications of Social Media

Excessive online social engagement can secretly kill you. Learn the measures to maintain your digital wellness.
18Sep, 2021

Role of Different Stakeholders under POCSO Act while dealing with Child Victims

Explore the critical roles played by various stakeholders in safeguarding children's rights under POCSO act.
12Sep, 2021

Bite Marks - Unleashing the Power Within

Explore the role bite marks play during investigations. Learn how digitalization intensifies the entire investigation process.
05Sep, 2021

Advances in Chemical Development of Latent Fingerprints

Learn about the latest breakthroughs in latent fingerprint development using chemical methods.
05Sep, 2021

Cyber Crime & their Risk to Financial Systems

Learn to carry out secure online transactions and protect yourself from becoming a victim of financial crimes.
28Aug, 2021

IASR 8th International Conference on Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Connect with experts at the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology eConference. Explore technology advancements, challenges faced, and cutting-edge research about evidence analysis.
22Aug, 2021

Deviancy in Children

Gain insights into the factors, assessment, and intervention strategies surrounding children's behavioral challenges.
15Aug, 2021

Cyber Crime Awareness and Reporting

Learn to devise measures to protect yourselves from online fraud and create a safer digital environment for all.
24Jul, 2021

IASR 7th International Conference on Forensic Psychology

Join us to connect with experts at the Forensic Psychology eConference and learn about the relationship between human psychology and the criminal justice system.

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