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24Aug, 2023

IASR 14th International Conference on Forensic Science

Join the Forensic Science eConference to learn about scientific approaches for solving challenging and intractable crimes, research presentations, and networking opportunities.
24Aug, 2023

Forensics to Protect the Vulnerable

Learn the role of forensic science in safeguarding vulnerable populations from crimes and ensuring justice prevails.

Forensic Science Institute

The Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) India was set up in 2006 with the aim of creating a new era in forensic education through comprehensive teaching, training, research, and consultancy in the fields of Criminology and Forensic Science.

We aim to encourage learning new developments and research in the field of Forensic Science, including Cyber Law, Cyber and Digital forensics, Fingerprint Verification, Questioned documents, Handwriting Analysis, etc. Our objective is to meet the ground-level demands of the law enforcement and criminal justice administrations for the betterment of the country.

SIFS India is proud to introduce and promote several online and offline trainings and courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal investigation. We provide self-learning, foundational, and advanced courses and trainings based on experience from real court cases, along with self-sufficient and extensive Forensic Science study materials, books, and online assistance.

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Online Courses are one of the most flexible modern learning processes. The students can follow a flexible study regimen that fits their everyday schedules when they learn for themselves online. With online and self-learning methods of instruction, students can plan for better job opportunities while spending less as they don't have to worry about things such as accommodation, transportation, and other fees. Since they only need to worry about the learning and require a computer with internet connectivity for studying purposes, students who live far from study centers have a wide range of possibilities thanks to self-learning and online learning modes.

Students will receive an Admission Letter, an ID Card, a course prospectus, a course login, Study Materials, Forensic Reference Books, Software for practice, a course completion letter, a certificate of Achievement, and a statement of Marks.

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Our online courses are designed for learners interested in the field of criminal studies to create a profession on their own. This adventurous field of science will make them to do something good for the society and the people around
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Professional Forensic Training

Training sessions are designed in such a way that even a novice can be an expert
Forensics Document Examination | 2023
Expert-led document examination training, uncovering the hidden techniques of forensic document analysis.
Online Forensic Internship | April | 2023
Gain practical skills, experience, and give your forensic career a boost to excel as a forensic investigator.
Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology | December | 2022
Specialized training to enhance your chemical analysis skills to help law enforcement agencies to provide justice.

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₹ 15000
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A significant moment unfolds as the Memorandum of Understanding signing between Sherlock Institute o...

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The time of death is one of the most important details to be gathered by a medical examiner or foren...
Just like your fingerprints or snowflakes, there are no two teeth that are alike. Your teeth are u...
Biometric is the science that deals with identification of individuals based on a person’s physica...
Bestiality is a sexual relationship between humans and animals and sometimes it is referred as Zooph...
Audio forensics is concerned with the scientific representation, analysis and evaluation of audio re...
Radiocarbon dating method or 14C method (commonly known as Carbon-14 dating method) is used for dati...
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