18Jun, 2023

Forensics Summer Finishing School

Join our Forensics Summer Finishing School webinar and explore new skills and knowledge with experts in the field.
05Dec, 2021

Dental Bioarchaeology

Explore the world of Dental Bioarchaeology and learn how to decipher ancient secrets through dental remains.
03Oct, 2021

Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies - Practical Issues

Gain an in-depth understanding of autopsies of unclaimed bodies and how it aid in identification and research.
02Oct, 2021

Automated Forensic Examination: Issues and Challenges

Discover the challenges and innovations in automated forensic analysis and the impact it will have on the future.
20Sep, 2021

FORENSICS: Science Behind Death

Join forensic experts to learn about the mysteries surrounding the deaths of iconic figures throughout history.
18Sep, 2021

Role of Stakeholders under POCSO Act

Explore the critical roles played by various stakeholders in safeguarding children's rights under POCSO act.
12Sep, 2021

Bite Marks - Unleashing the Power Within

Explore the role bite marks play during investigations. Learn how digitalization intensifies the entire investigation process.
05Sep, 2021

Advances in Chemical Development of Latent Fingerprints

Learn about the latest breakthroughs in latent fingerprint development using chemical methods.
22Aug, 2021

Deviancy in Children

Gain insights into the factors, assessment, and intervention strategies surrounding children's behavioral challenges.
13Jun, 2021

Serious Crime Investigation

Explore the world of criminal investigation and discover the intricacies of solving major crimes.

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